Product Information

Green-Certified, beautifully designed, high-end outdoor furniture made to make a difference.

You’re choosing a green-certified product when you buy from us. 




Our HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is free from material defects, and will not crack, splinter, chip, rot, or peel for 20 years of residential use and 5 years of commercial use.


weather resistant

Weather Resistance

 Rede Furniture is built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates. Hot sun, snowy winters, salt water, and heavy winds.




Our recycled plastic lumber have Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilizers compounded into them to help protect the color and integrity of the base resin for years to come.



Low Maintenance  

Our furniture cleans easily with soap and water and requires no painting or staining. With careful use of a powerwash (at least 30 cm from the surface) our furniture will be clean in just a few minutes.  



Our poly lumber is made of 95% post-consumer recycled HDPE.  What does this mean for our consumers? It means our poly is truly recycled.  

All of our recycled lumber goes through the following process

  • The process begins with baled milk jugs and bottles.  Lids and other contaminants are sorted out to keep the poly pure, and the quality high.
  • Milk jugs are then ground down, washed, and dried. 
  • The ground pieces are melted, all other contaminants are removed, and formed into HDPE pellets.
  •  The HDPE pellets are later melted down, blended with color, UV-protection and extruded into lumber of all sizes.
  •  After cutting the lumber to the size and shape required for our furniture, we recycle and regrinds all excess material from our manufacturing process, reducing as much waste as possible.

All of our lumber is certified by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to meet all “Green Guidelines.”  Our lumber is also third-party Green Circle Certified to contain 95% post-consumer material.  Put simply, we are proud to say that our material is made of 95% recycled material.

HDPE has many benefits 

  • Poly is low maintenance and weather resistant.
  • Poly can be cleaned by using gentle household cleaners, like dish soap and water.
  • Poly never needs to be painted.
  • Poly has solid, UV protected, color throughout.
  • Poly is environmentally friendly through the reuse of plastics.



We use the highest quality marine grade stainless steel hardware.  Our hardware is sourced in the United States and has received ISO 9001 Certification.  Marine grade stainless steel hardware is also used in the boating industry and can hold up to harsh weather and saltwater conditions.
Rede Furniture stainless steel